Hello! I’m Nathan.

I’m a writer with more than 15 years of experience, and an editor with over seven. I’ve written all over the genre spectrum, mainly focusing on Fantasy and Horror. I can’t even begin to list the genres I’ve edited, although probably half of them have been Fantasy of some sort.

After reading geniuses like Robert Jordan and Raymond E Feist, I started writing at around thirteen. The next ten years I consider. . . a learning experience. I eventually broke my obsession with my highly derivative, fundamentally flawed first novel, so that I could start on projects that would bear fruit.

Speaking of which, An Altar on the Village Green, book one of The Chained God, is out now! Granted by their god the power to respawn on death, a Lance journeys to a land fallen into Horror. They will either free the villagers trapped in a cycle of madness, violence, and death, or join them forever.

I love the craft. Plot, character, setting. Insinuations and ramifications of tech or magic systems. Description and exposition, internal narrative and character voice. Just for a start.

Check out “Crash Course” on my word cloud.

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