About Me

Welcome. I’m Nathan.

I’ve written fiction for more than a decade. Everything from short stories to doorstop Fantasy novels have been dragged tooth-and-nail from my brain to the page.

My study in the field of fiction writing has been arduous. I’ve spent hundreds of hours poring over every video, podcast, and blog post. I’ve attended classes and entered contests, and I’ve spent thousands of hours learning to write well.

I’ve always had a critical eye. When I finish a book, movie, or game, I have the urge to sit down and unpack the piece with friends and family: what worked, what didn’t, how the broken elements might be fixed. It took me a while to realize that not everyone thinks this way about fiction. It took me even longer to realize that this difference is a skill that makes me an effective editor.

As a writer, I know the process. I understand there are many different types of writers, and seldom sure answers that work for everyone. I understand that some rules are made to be broken, and some exist to make language work for us.

But I also have the perspective of an editor with years of experience. I understand the workings of plot, character, and setting. I can appreciate beautiful prose, and I can help you polish your prose until it shines.

I understand that you are looking to become a better writer, in addition to having a better novel, and I’ll do everything in my power to see that happen.


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