Services and Rates


I edit short stories and novels. I will edit any stage in the revision process, whether you’re looking to smooth out the plot or tighten your prose. I am most experienced with editing Fantasy novels, but I’ve also edited Thriller, Horror, Science Fiction, and short stories of most genres.

If you have any questions, or are interested in my services, you can reach me at the following email:

Some details to include in the email:

– What genre is your work? How long is it?

– What made you excited to write the project in the first place? What’s something you’re particularly proud of in your work?

– Are you looking for plot, character, or sentence-level edits primarily? Are there any particular concerns you have that I should keep in mind as I look at the piece?


I offer a trial of five hundred to one thousand words, depending on the overall length of the full project. This ensures that each of us knows what to expect and is sure that my services are a good fit with the needs of your work.

After the trial, I charge $40 for each ten thousand words.

Payment can be made through Paypal with the above email.


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