The Diner: Post Eight (Outline)

The last part was all about the ending. This part is developing an outline to get there effectively.

I’m going to use 7-Point Story Structure. Here’s a link to an article explaining it wonderfully:


Liam is a physical therapist, currently helping someone who’s nearly given up hope for recovery. In the process of encouraging the patient, he sidesteps questions about his past. He goes out to lunch.


Teresa sits down on the other side of the table. She flashes a gun and says she’ll kill Liam at the end of the lunch hour. 12:00


After establishing this isn’t mistaken identity, Teresa starts small talk. She takes his phone after an ill-made attempt to call for help. 12:10 p.m.


Teresa’s questions get more personal. He starts to suspect red herring. He has a chance to grab the gun, but chickens out. He sends a message somehow; waiter knows he’s hostage. 12:30


The cook and waiter try to stop Teresa, and she takes them hostage as well. ( The cook had a gun behind the counter. Teresa shoots the cook non-fatally; the gun falls not far out of Liam’s reach.) The rest of the diner evacuates. Teresa also shoots down red herring. She lets/makes Liam call his family and say goodbye. 12:55


Teresa reveals why she’s doing this. Mystery resolved. He grieves with her. He starts talking about memories with her loved one, and she breaks down. She grows angry. She insists it’s his fault. (However, him empathizing with her, confronting the past, makes her unable to hate him; she can’t kill him.) Time’s up. 1:00 p.m.


Teresa takes waiter hostage, makes Liam pick up cook’s gun. Liam kills Teresa to save the waiter. Changed by this experience, he goes back to make peace with his past.

This is just an initial outline, and it’s likely to change. But for right now, it’s enough of a foundation to start on. That means that the next part will be starting the actual screenplay! The first few pages (the first scene, in particular) is next.

Do you have any questions about the outline? What do you think about how it’s shaping up so far?


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