Deadpool Review

Let me start off with this: Don’t take your kids to see Deadpool. I mean it. If your kid is over thirteen, then whatever. If your kid is under ten? Don’t be an idiot/monster/failure as a parent.

That may seem like strong words, purposely offensive. Let me assure you, that’s complete honesty from me. Any movie in which the best way to describe what happens to a character, ON SCREEN, includes words like “splatter” or “self-mutilation” isn’t a movie that I feel there’s any excuse for having a young child watch. ESPECIALLY when the movie has been completely upfront from the beginning with the sort of content you can expect.

Now that I’ve said that…

If you’ve watched a trailer for Deadpool, you probably know whether you’re going to enjoy the movie. If Weasel comparing Deadpool’s face to things made you laugh out loud, you’re going to LOVE this movie. If you feel like you’ll find the movie’s content offensive, YOU WILL. This movie is the hardest-R movie I’ve ever seen. It’s also one of the funniest, right from the opening credits.

Ryan Reynolds was MADE for this role. This is the Deadpool we’ve been promised, on par with the best bits we’ve seen elsewhere. He makes us laugh with Deadpool, roll our eyes at his childish behavior, and root for him throughout the entire film, all without ever compromising the fact that Deadpool is not a role model.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the fact that this film is shot absolutely beautifully. The action is as good—better—than 99% of the action in the larger-budget comic book movies. It doesn’t ever FEEL like a low-budget superhero flick. It feels like every dime was stretched as far as it can go to give the viewers value. The one place I feel they might have scrimped a bit was the CG for Colossus; his metal body isn’t completely on-point, but it never distracts.

Speaking of which: The supporting players. Every single one of them work in this movie. There are a half-dozen important characters other than Deadpool and the baddies, and each one fits into the role, gives a great performance, and makes me laugh. Colossus has got to be my favorite, though. When he first came onto screen, my girlfriend said, “Who is that?”. By the end of the movie, she was sold on this 10-foot-tall metal mutant with a heart of pure, soviet gold.

There’s a lot more I could talk about, but let me restate: Deadpool is hilarious, offensive, and NOT for children. Use your discretion.


My favorites:

Counting bullets

Ryan Reynolds/pretty face

The infomercial joke

The way the flashbacks are integrated

Every moment in the trailer times ten!

The stinger


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